Clark Everett Photography
Three Gorges Dam Construction - Shipping LocksDancers and LeadersTwo Girls Flying a KiteWoman With A KiteYoung Couple on a BusMan Hauling BambooThree Gorges Dam Construction - Turbine HousingRestaurant During A Power OutageGuo Mao Department StoreYoung Boy Under A StreetlightSix Women - Tourism FestivalWoman Looking Out Bus WindowProtestant Church - China's MissionOpening Ceremonies of First McDonald's in Yichang - Dragon DanceMother and DaughterYoung Couple StrollingFruitseller and NieceTangled Mass Hanging From A HookWoman Holding Head In HandsSeven FacesWanzhou Harbor - Future Water Level MarkThree Gorges Dam Construction - Behind the SpillwayBoy Playing With A HoopBoy By Future Water Level MarkResettlers Moving to New HomesThree Gorges Dam Construction - Souvenir StandResettler Family in Boat CabinAbandoned House in Relocation ZoneResettler Moving to New Home
CHINA - Seeking Higher Ground: Life in the Shadow of the Three Gorges Dam